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GTA NSW Annual  Conference 2017GTA NSW Conference 2017 Presentations

Presentations from the 2017 GTANSW Annual Conference are available to GTA members and delegates who attended the conference.

>> GTA NSW Conference delegates access (Username and password provided by the GTA NSW office)
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Masterclasses were videotaped. These will only available to those who attended the conference. Conference delegates will be sent a code to login to see these videos next week.

Session 1: Thursday 9th March
  • GTA Conference opening
  • Collaborate, Inspire and Learn: Professor Chris Sarra
  • Inspiration Project Firestorm
  • UrbanGrowth NSW Overview: Nicloe Campbell
  • Sustainability in Curriculum: Kirsty Costa
  • Follow the Frog: Rainforest Alliance
Session 2: Thursday 9th March
  • Landscapes are layers Geography a Primary Source
  • Masterclass Landscapes and Landforms: Lorraine Chaffer
  • Global Tourism: Dr. Grant Kleeman
  • Project Firestorm
Session 3: Thursday 9th March
  • Energy Australia Workshop: Emma Richardson
  • Cocoa Value Chains: Geoff Neilson
  • The big plan for the Bays Precinct Urban Growrg NSW: Belinda Thompson and Elle Davidson
  • Big Plan for the Bay
  • Augmented Reality Sandbox STEM in Geography K-8: Diane Twomey
Session 4: Thursday 9th March
  • Interconnections: Dr Susan Bliss
  • Formative Assessment: Rebecca Nicholas
Session 5: Thursday 9th March
  • Masterclass Liveability: Dr Grant Kleeman
Session 6: Friday 10th March
  • Friday Conference opening
  • 2017 GTANSW Awards Ceremony
  • Arthur Phillip program 2016 ceremony program
Session 7: Friday 10th March
  • The World’s First Baker: Bruce Pascoe
  • Sustainable Biomes: Drew Collins
  • Urban Growth Edmondson Park Program: Belinda Thompson and Sharyn Lindtner
  • BYOD in the Geography Classroom: Rebecca Nicholas
  • PlickersCards 2up
  • Ed Park Story
Session 8: Friday 10th March
  • Masterclass Changing Places: Susan Caldis
  • Riverine environments Special report: NZ Rivers
  • Natural Stream: USGS
  • Urban Stream: USGS
  • River flows poster: MDBA
  • Riverine environments Workshop Part 1: Part 2: Lorraine Chaffer
  • PIEFA Hungry and Naked: Kelly Spence
  • School site fieldwork: Alexandria Lucas
Session 9: Friday 10th March
  • Environmental Change and Management: Dr Susan Bliss
  • Dfferentiation: Kate Hilyard
  • Differentiation ideas: Kate Hilyard
  • Adjustments for Differrentiation: Kate Hilyard
Session 10: Friday 10th March
  1. Masterclass Geography of Human Wellbeing Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Keith Hopkins