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The Geography Teachers Association of New South Wales is an incorporated body which represents the interests of professional geography teachers in NSW. The objectives of the Association are to promote the study and teaching of geography in schools by:

  • introducing students to recent geographical research;

  • developing students research skills in the classroom and in field studies;

  • awarding prizes to students of geography;

  • providing professional development to improve the teaching of geography;

  • encouraging and disseminating educational research with particular reference to the teaching of geography;

  • publishing and distributing materials to implement geography programs; and

  • investigating and making recommendations to appropriate authorities and educational policies giving rise to, or arising from the laws, regulations and administrative practices governing education with particular reference to teaching and examining of geography

The Association is active in presenting the interests of geography teachers in areas of public concern, by investigating and making recommendations to appropriate authorities on educational policies and other matters of State and National interest in which geography teachers have concern.

The activities of the Geography Teachers Association include publishing and distributing materials related to the teaching of geography, promoting professional in-service education of geography teachers, making awards to geography students and teachers and encouraging research in geographical education.

Publications of the Association include the Geography Bulletin distributed quarterly, plus other material published from time to time. In addition the Association provides advice and assistance to commercial publishers of print, computer and audio-visual materials for use by geography students.

The Association organises conferences for geography teachers, designed to assist teachers implement changes in Geography Syllabuses and to provide teachers with an opportunity to refresh their professional teaching by sharing ideas for classroom and fieldwork activities and hearing about current developments in geographical education. The Association also organises student conferences in which speakers provide support for the study of HSC Geography.

The Geography Teachers Association maintains a close relationship with the NSW Board of Studies. Once a year there is a members’ meeting to review the Board’s tests and examinations.

Other bodies have interests similar to those of the members of our Association. The Geography Teachers Association has close ties with the Professional Teachers Council NSW, the Geographical Society of New South Wales and the Australian Geography Teachers Association.

The Council of the Geography Teachers Association is elected annually by members. All positions are honorary, and the Council members devote considerable time to the management of the Association. Members are invited to nominate for membership of the Council, which provides an outstanding opportunity for service to the profession.

Recently GTANSW restructured its membership categories. There are now four categories:

  • Personal
  • School or Corporate
  • Concessional
  • Personal Member