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Senior Geography resources

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HSC Conference 2017

The following conference videos are available for viewing by GTA members.

  1. Advice to maximise student performance — Matt Carroll
  2. Organising a successful SGP and why it matters — Grace Larobina
  3. Globbal trends and change — Dr Grant Kleeman
  4. Mastering difficult skills — David Latimer
  5. People and economic activity — Alex Lucas
  6. Sharing and going local — Martin Plus
  7. Using technologies to build knowledge and understanding — Andrew Toovey

The following conference presentations are available for viewing by GTA members.

  1. Introduction — Lorraine Chaffer
  2. Busting the bands in HSC Geography — Matt Carroll
  3. Bowerbirds — Stolen goods for HSC Geography — Matt Carroll
  4. Senior Geography Project — Grace Larobina
  5. Extended Response Writing — Grace Larobina
  6. Conference presentation — Dr Grant Kleeman
  7. Tough Skills — David Latimer
  8. People and economic activity — Alexandria Lucas
  9. Unleash your inner geographer — Martin Pluss

Geography Bulletin — Geography Bulletin HSC Issue, No. 1 — 2017Special HSC Issue, No. 1 — 2017

  • Editorial
  • Busting the bands: Hints and tips for new teachers to maximise student performance in the Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  • Fieldwork data: Incorporating fieldwork references into HSC answers
  • Ecosystems at risk: The role of traditional strategies in managing coral reefs
  • Evaluating: Traditional and contemporary management strategies applied to coral reefs
  • Ecosystems at risk: Coral bleaching events
  • Introducing People and Economic Activity: Advice for those new to teaching senior Geography
  • Classroom activities: Inspiration for introducing People and Economic Activity
  • Urban dynamics: Sydney: A Tale of Two Cities?
  • Geography Bulletin: Past and upcoming editions with HSC relevance
  • HSC preparation: Using organisational templates & checklists
  • Advice to contributors