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Term 1 – Webinar 1

Practical Ideas for Inquiry Based Learning in Geography

Date and time: Tuesday, 20 February 2018, 4:00 – 5:00pm
Presenter: Gregory Sciortino

Completing the Geography Webinar: Practical Ideas for Inquiry Based Learning in Geography on Tuesday 20 February 2018 will contribute 1 hour of NESA Registered PD addressing 3.3.2; 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

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GTANSW Annual Conference 2018 — Registration now open
My challenging Geography classroom

Dates: 9th & 10th April 2018
Theme: My challenging Geography classroom
Focus: The demands facing Geography teachers to meet syllabus and education requirements while creating stimulating and challenging learning environments for students that promote engagement with the world and a passion for Geography.

2018 Conference Sponsors

GTANSW thanks our 2018 conference sponsors Landcom, Sydney Olympic Park and Education Perfect

We look forward to the participation of these sponsors in our conference and encourage our members and conference delegates to visit the trade displays to learn more about the services and resources they provide. 

Conference sponsors

1. Conference Flyer

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2. Conference Program

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3. Selection guide

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Geography Alive — GTA NSW's Primary Geography website

The GTA NSW's Primary Geography Alive website has been developed to support the implementation of the NSW Geography Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum in Primary years of schooling.

The Geography Teachers' Association of NSW Inc. (GTA NSW) commissioned a team of experienced Primary school teachers to deveop these exemplar units of work aligned to the K-6 requireemnts of the syllabus. Each unit consists of six to eight lessons complete with the resources required for their successful implementation in the classroom.

>> Geography Alive website

Australian Geography Competition

>> Entries in the 2018 Australian Geography Competition, 17-31 May, are now open

 About the competition

  • for students from Year 7 or younger to Year 12
  • only $4 per student, with no minimum number of students or other registration fee
  • flexible timing from Thursday 17 to Thursday 31 May 2018 to suit school requirements
  • achievement certificates for all participating students, special certificates for top 1%, major prizes for highest performing students and schools
  • competition entries close on Wednesday 21 March 2018.


  • aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Geography
  • puts Geography in the spotlight in your school
  • based on innovative use of maps and graphics
  • includes questions that aim to develop students’ critical thinking
  • is easy to administer
  • questions address current local and global issues
  • provides question booklets that become valuable class-set resources.

“The Australian Geography Competition provides a wonderful opportunity for students to challenge themselves, reinforce skills they learn in the classroom and receive acknowledgement for their participation and achievement. I think that the nation-wide participation makes it very exciting for students.”  Melina Walton, Redlands College.

International team
Australian team members to the 2019 International Geography Olympiad in Hong Kong, China, will be chosen from Year 11 students, who excel in the Competition via the 2018 Geography’s Big Week Out held on Kangaroo Island, SA.

>> To find out more and enter your students in the 2018 round, visit the competition website.

Latest issues of GTA's Geography Bulletin

Geography BulletinVolume 49, No. 4 — 2017

Articles in the latest issue include:

  • Editorial
  • Professional Reading
    • The ‘Atlas of Living Australia’ comes to life
    • MH370: View the data behind the largest search in aviation history
    • Related resource: The search for MH370– An interactive story map
  • Aboriginal Australia Series
    • Part 1: Aboriginal Land Care
  • What’s Happening in Schools
    • Future Council
    • The freedom of the Geography Elective course
  • Geography in our universities
    • University of Sydney: School of Geosciences
    • 5 cool topics you can study with a Geography Major
  • Feature article
    • Coffee Biomes
  • Sample assessment tasks
    • Task 1: Research task for sustainable biomes
    • Task 2: End of topic examination for sustainable biomes
  • Feature article
    • Coffee Interconnections
  • Resources
    • Primary resource: Little J & Big Cuz
    • Lifelines: a new resource for integrating film into the classroom
      • Lesson plan 1 for Stage 4
      • Appendix A – Graphic organiser worksheet
      • Lesson plan 2 for Stage 5
  • Arthur Phillip Competition 2017
  • Advice to contributors

>> GTA member access to the latest issue of the Geography Bulletin

Geography Bulletin HSC Issue, No. 2 — 2017Special HSC Issue, No. 2 — 2017

Articles in the latest issue include:

  • Editorial
  • Survey: Senior Geography Conference, November 2017
  • People & Economic Activty
    • Going Bananas — Rae Dufty-Jones
    • Dairy Production: Using beestop — Drew Collins
    • Resources — Lorraine Chaffer
    • Starbucks: An economic enterpise at a local scale — Dr Susan Bliss
    • Gloria Jean’s Coffees: An economic enterprise at a local scale — Dr Susan Bliss
    • Towards Sustainable Coffee: A Green Commodities program
    • Coffee Production — Patricia Dybell
    • Big Data Series — Dr Susan Bliss
      • Part 1: Big Data – Products & services
      • Part 2: Big Data – A changing world
      • Part 3: Understanding Big Data – Student activities
  • Advertising flyers and advice to contributors

>> GTA member access to the latest issue of the Geography Bulletin

NSW Geography Syllabus

GTANSW are delighted to announce that BOSTES released the new K-10 Geography syllabus on 13 July 2015. Please see the links below for further information about implementation timelines and detail of the syllabus:

2016: Familiarisation and planning, optional to teach K-6
2017: Start teaching K-6, Years 7 and 9
2018: Start teaching Years 8 and 10

The following links provide further details.

News and Resources from AGTA

Latest issues of Geographical Education

Geographical Education: Enacting the Curriculum

Geographical EducationThe contents of Geographical Education Volume 30, 2017 include

  • Enacting the Curriculum by Nick Hutchinson
  • Chair of Directors Annual Report 2017 from Trish Douglas
  • Rediscovering the Teaching of Geography with the Focus on Quality by David Lambert and Michael Solem
  • Australia’s City Foodbowls: Fertile Ground for Investigating ‘Biomes and Food Security’ by Rachel Carey and Jen Sheridan
  • Teaching for Sustainability: The Role of (benefit) Corporations by Jason van Tol
  • Book Reviews

>> Download individual articles






Geographical Education Supplement: AGTA’s First Fifty Years

Geographical Education SupplementThe contents of Geographical Education Supplement, 2017 include

  • AGTA’s First Fifty Years
  • Introduction
  • Beginnings: Battling bureaucrats, interstate cooperation and a Sydney Harbour cruise
  • AGTA Conferences
  • Focus on Donald Biddle, Frances Slater, Magdelaine Wong and Rob Berry
  • Geographical Education Over the Course of Fifty Years
  • 1970: Concepts: the whole cornerstone of teaching the subject
  • 1980: Looking Back on imaginative school-based curricula
  • Geography Education – AGTA style
  • 1990: Critical geographies and teaching for sustainable development
  • 2000: Struggling against SoSE and learning to think geographically
  • AGTA Recollections
  • 2010: Australian Curriculum, standards, futures and philosophies

>> Download individual articles


Geography Literacy UnlockedAGTA Announces New Geography Resource

Geography Literacy Unlocked has been written for secondary geography students seeking to improve their literacy skills. It includes a focus on written, visual and oral literacy.

Geography Literacy Unlocked is published by the Australian Geography Teachers Association and written by Dr Grant Kleeman. One of Australia’s leading geography educators.

Key features:

  • An engaging, easy-to-navigate design
  • A student-friendly approach featuring step-by-step explanations and annotated exemplars
  • A focus on the basics of effective written communication – spelling, punctuation, tense and the use of connectives
  • Descriptions of the principal text types used in geography, supported by annotated examples
  • Guidance for writers in quoting, paraphrasing, summarising and referencing the work of others
  • A focus on the responsible use of social media
  • A comprehensive coverage of the principal forms of visual and oral texts students encounter in geography
  • Templates or scaffolds to support the interpretative skills students are expected to demonstrate.

>> Submit order — Please contact the GTA NSW office on 02 9716 0378 or via email at for orders of over 8 copies.

Geography Skills UnlockedGeography Skills Unlocked

Geography Skills Unlocked is an exciting new skills book for Australian secondary schools.

Key features:

  • Contents aligned to the inquiry and skills-based requirements of Australian Curriculum: Geography
  • An engaging, easy to navigate design
  • A student friendly approach with step-by-step explanations, descriptions and worked examples
  • A focus on emerging technologies used to gather, analyse and present geographical data
  • GeoSkills and GeoInquiry activities that scaffold student learning
  • A wealth of stimulus material including a diverse range of maps, graphs, aerial photographs, satellite images, diagrams and photographs
  • Examples drawn from each Australian state and territory with additional international material
  • Key terms explained in embedded glossary boxes

Geography Skills Unlocked is published by the Australian Geography Teachers Association and written by a team of experienced Geography teachers.

>> Submit order — Please contact the GTA NSW office on 02 9716 0378 or via email at for orders of over 8 copies.
>> Download Answers to Geography Skills Unlocked Questions (81.2MB PDF)

Latest issue of AGTA's Geographia

GeographiaThe October 2017 issue of AGTA's newsletter Geographia is now available. Contents include

  • AGTA Membership
  • AGTA Conference 2017
  • AGTA Conference 2019
  • Geography Skills Unlocked Textbook
  • The GeoSix and the Bushfire Story
  • New resources for teachers: Hunger in a world of plenty
  • Affiliate Contribution
  • Around the affiliates

Being a Citizen

Being a CitizenA new innovative product to help teachers provide opportunities for students to explore the Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship.

Content of the 'Being a citizen' resource:

  • Links to civics and citizenship teaching materials.
  • Political mapping classroom activities.
  • Social Issues worksheets and processes.
  • GIS and political mapping activities
  • Links to curriculum documents and teaching materials on civics and citizenship.
  • Professional reading links on civics and citizenship education.

>> Brochure

Australian orders: AUD$99.00 postage & GST included
International orders: AUD$109.00 postage included

>> Purchase using Visa/MasterCard or PayPal
>> Purchase using Australian school order

Thinking Geographically DVD

Thinking Geographically DVDA ready-to-go professional development resource from the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) to support teachers to become familiar with geographical thinking when using the F-10 Australian Curriculum: Geography. The DVD contains:

  • geographical thinking examples, exercises and articles
  • over 50 Thinkpieces on geography (thought provoking articles on geographical education in schools)
  • curriculum planning and assessment processes and templates
  • 100s of direct links to Internet sites to support geographical thinking and the teaching of geography
  • presentations and video resource links to support professional learning.

>> Brochure

Australian orders: AUD$99.00 Postage & GST included
International orders: AUD$109.00 postage included

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>> Purchase using Australian school purchase order form

Exploring 21st Century Geography DVD

An outstanding collection of teaching resources from the Australian Geography Teachers Association includes spatial technologies/GIS units. The DVD contains:

  • articles and resources on 21st century Geography
  • GIS skills development, GIS in Physical Geography and Historical GIS books – course processes and activities with geographical data
  • 21st Century Internet sites
  • technology in the geography classroom articles, internet sites and resources
  • inquiry project design and work samples.

Australian orders: AUD$95.00 including GST and postage
>> Purchase
>> Brochure

Geography Teaching resources

Discover BarangarooDiscover Barangaroo Learning Portal

Lend Lease has developed an online educational resource called Discover Barangaroo, which provides an in-depth case study about the $6 billion urban regeneration project, Barangaroo.

The case study has been tailored specifically to the Geography curriculum for Years 7-12. Students can study how changes in the technology of shipping and cargo handling initiated change in port-related land-uses over period of two hundred years and how these initiated the processes that ultimately contributed to urban decay. They can examine evolution of the plan to revitalise the precinct and the role played by government and the private sector in bringing about the process of urban renewal.

Concepts addressed include urban decline and renewal, urban consolidation, the dynamics of technological, economic and social and demographic change, and environmental and social sustainability. The site includes links to activity sheets, virtual fieldwork activities and teacher support materials. 

>> View two videos providing an overview and explanation of the Discover Barangaroo learning portal

>> You can access the site at:

Once you login (as a teacher) you can access the teacher support materials. The worksheets can be accessed from the site itself. Further information is available from

>> Download flyer with an outline of the site's features

Geospatial Skills 5 and 6

The GTAV's publications – Geospatial Skills Books 5 (Years 7 and 8) and 6 (Years 9 and 10) have been mapped to the Australian Curriculum: Geography.

Click here for the specific links to each of the new Geography units for every activity in these books. Highly relevant to each unit in Year 7–10, the price of these immensely successful books has been heavily discounted to help teachers resource the new Geography curriculum. Download the flyer and order here. All books can be purchased from the GTAV for only $5.00 per book.

Australian Curriculum: Geography resources

There are a number of curated pages that support the Australian Curriculum for Geography and NSW Geography K-10 syllabus. These can be found with a Google search or a search within the website. 

GeogSpace website  

The GeogSpace website provides materials to support primary and secondary teachers implement the Australian Curriculum: Geography. GeogSpace is an initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) supported by the resources of Education Services Australia (ESA).

CARE Australia’s Global Poverty: Teacher’s Toolkit

CARE Australia has developed a website which provides teachers with resources on a range of issues related to poverty and inequality. Topics include global poverty, education, health, women's empowerment, water and hygiene, food and nutrition, climate change and responding to emergencies.

Each topic includes teaching tools such as fast facts, videos, and stories designed to spark curiosity and enhance classroom discussion.

>> View CARE’s Global Poverty: Teacher’s Toolkit website

Waste Not

Waste Not is an award winning (26 minutes) documentary film about the beauty of garbage.  It shows who keeps our big cities clean and sparkling, and where our garbage goes. Waste Not is also about the future – how a simple thing like recycling could reconfigure our whole society. On a planet with finite resources, zero waste could be the key to our survival.
>> View film trailer

Creating a new generation of planning professionals

Plan ShapersPlan Shapers is a new and exciting planning and community engagement educational resource developed by the Department of Planning & Environment. NSW is growing and Plan Shapers aims to engage school kids in how to accommodate that growth in metropolitan and regional NSW.

Through a suite of lesson plans, competitions and resources adapted for the current NSW school curriculum, Plan Shapers will engage young people in planning issues affecting the future of their local area and the wider community.

The PlanShapers program will kick off in Term 4 of 2014 with a competition for high school students. Challenges will include the redesign of a local open space. Prizes will be awarded for outstanding achievements and innovative entries. Teachers will be equipped with easy to access and understand online resources which will support the competition and the ongoing program, such as lessons aligned with the current NSW geography curriculum.

>> For further information, please contact or visit

Hot under the collar

"Climate change really shouldn’t be a political issue." Read what Linh Do, community co-ordinator with the Australian Conservation Foundation and Australian Geographic’s Young Conservationist of the Year has to say about climate change. [Published in the Sydney Morning Herald p35, 23 October 2013]

Sustainability Degrees

The University of New England is offering a number of interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate programs focusing on sustainability, environmental protection, consultancy and policy and planning.

>> Download further details

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